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GENIE 3D - Embrace Change - with Innovative Technology in Wheel Alignment # World’s 1st In-lift 3D Wheel Aligner with 2 cameras & smallest targets. # World’s smallest target plates for front wheels. # No fixed beam / column in front of the lift. # No obstruction of signals due to technician walking around. # Measurement at floor level. # Adjustment at any convenient height, No height restrictions. # Genie 3D can be installed in 11′ X 18′ space. # No need for minimum distance between Wall and the lift. # Free space in the shop floor can be effectively utilized. # Exclusive software take care of automatic lift level compensation. # Genie is a creatively designed module that houses Hi-definition cameras and electronics to capture images of the targets on wheels. # Each Genie has 1 camera, making Genie 3D the only aligner in the world using just 2 cameras for an in-lift model. # Camera not required to be removed & refitted every time. # User-friendly Wi-Fi enabled tablet device to display alignment results and to operate PC from the Alignment bay, avoids multiple trips to the PC console. # Cost effective design. For more info visit us at
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