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Karcher-Wet and dry vacuum cleaners vacuum cleanersNT 65/2AP Force Auto Solutions(Authorized Supplier) The NT 65/2 AP is a powerful, 2-motor wet and dry vac for professional applications. The suction power remains nearly constant due to the efficient cleaning of the flat pleated filter by blasts of air AP Clean(semi-automatic filter cleaning system) Optimal suction power with high efficiency.The free filter means that the user can work for long intervals without interruption. Video link: rct=j& q=& esrc=s& source=video& cd=5& cad=rja& uact=8& ved=0ahUKEwic0YCxkavcAhWJOI8KHegwBGwQtwIIRTAE& usg=AOvVaw26myVZCsFNGRdtXTEVA-aP For More Details: Contact US, Force Auto Solutions Mr.Senthilkumar (MD) Ph. 9865197879 . E.Mail ID: .
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