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Manatec-Eco Gas 100 Eco Gas 100- Petrol gas Analyzer-Force Auto Solutoions(Authorised Dealer) Gas Analyser capable of measuring CO, HC, CO2 , O2 & NOx (optional) contents of Petrol Vehicle / CNG / LPG exhaust. Selectable functions to measure Lambda & Oil temperature (Optional). features: Conforms to ISO 3930. NDIR technology. Engine RPM measurement facility.7 Segment LED display. Automatic condensate discharge. Automatic zero calibration.Digital span calibration. RS232C serial port for PC interface. NOx measurement. Engine oil temperature measurement.Portable light weight design.DC operation suitable for “Road tests” using vehicle battery.Display of Lambda / AFR / PEF.Petrol / CNG / LPG selection.Indication for Low / High flow. Indication for battery Low / High voltage. Electronic leak check facility.Gas scrubber for cleaning of impure particles.HC residue test. For More Details: Contact US, Force Auto Solutions Mr.Senthilkumar (MD) Ph. 9865197879 . E.Mail ID: .
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