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Manatec-Eco Smoke 100B-Diesel Smoke Meter for Diesel Engines Eco Smoke 100B-Diesel Smoke Meter for Diesel Engines-Force Auto Solutions Authorised Dealer Measures smoke opacity of diesel vehicles in % opacity and K value. Measurement principle : Partial flow, optics based on folded geometry. Suitable for free acceleration test.Engine RPM measurement – vibration sensor based and Battery based.Engine oil temperature measurement.Operates on 230V AC (or) 2V DC power supply.Portable, Compact & light weight design, suitable for “Road tests” using vehicle battery.Low & High voltage indication for battery operation.Automatic Zero and Span calibration.Automatic Pressure regulation and moisture separation.Handheld, Menu driven LCD remote control unit.Pass / Fail indication and emission limit in printout.Vehicle no., vehicle specification, operator name and test data in printout.RS232C serial port for PC interface. For More Details: Contact US, Force Auto Solutions Mr.Senthilkumar (MD) Ph. 9865197879 . E.Mail ID: .
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