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Manatec-Nitrogen Filling Station for HCVs -ME - NFS 1016 A/EN Nitrogen Filling Station-ME - NFS 1016 A/EN(for Cars and Heavy Trucks)-Force Auto Solutions Authorised Dealer Suitable for Cars & Light Trucks & Heavy Trucks.Raw material from compressed air.Heavy duty suit for heavy truck.Fast Nitrogen generation & inflation speed.Automatic Nitrogen generator.Automatic shut-off after Nitrogen generation.Two Sets of large capacity CMS filter.Two Stage pre-filters for water/oil separator.High precision water/oil separator suitable for heavy pressure.70 litres tank inside and 130 litres tank outside as standard.220 litres N tank external 2 (Optional Accessories). For More Details: Contact US, Force Auto Solutions Mr.Senthilkumar (MD) Ph. 9865197879 . E.Mail ID: .
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