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Tyre care accessories Tyre care accessories -Wholesale distributor of Tubeless tyre nozzle, wheel balancing weights, sticker weights . For more info visit us at
Force Auto Solutions: We are the authorized dealers of Manatec, Karcher, Treo and offer the best quality products for Wheel Aligner, Wheel Balancer, Manual and Automatic Car washing machines in and around Tamilnadu. Manatec: The company was established in the year 1987, as a manufacturer of industrial shaft alignment systems. Manatec diversified into garage equipment industry in 1991. The company, through its in-house R& D, indigenously designed and developed Optical wheel alignment systems in 1991, to become the first company to design a wheel aligner in the whole of Asia. Following this the company’s R& D dept continuously designed & developed Wheel balancers, Tyre changers, Exhaust gas analysers, Smoke meters, Head lamp aligners, 2 post lifts & Automatic tyre inflators. With this, Manatec is one of very few companies in the world to have design & technology of eight different garage equipments. Advanced versions of wheel aligners were also developed in these years simultaneously. Manatec’s extensive Wheel Aligner installations across many countries speak for its quality, specialization and lead role it plays in this industry.
Force Auto Solutions - Authorised Dealer of Garage Equipments. We have years of expertise in developing products and machines for vehicle repairing applications in automotive industry, and garages. Moreover, we offer the most efficient products at very competitive prices. We are well-known for Manufacturer, Trader and Supplier of an optimum quality range of Vehicle Washing System, Wheel Aligners, Tyre Changers, Wheel Balancers, Nitrogen Generators, Gas Analysers, Diesel Smoke Meter, Paint Booths, Welding Equipment, Air Compressor, Lifting Equipment, Access Platforms, Car Parking System, etc.,
Manatec - Products Range Our wide range of products include indigenously designed & manufactured Wheel Alignment, Wheel Balancing & Emission equipment. The range also includes other Manatec branded garage equipment and tools. We offer the following wide variety of high quality garage equipments: *Wheel Aligner *Wheel Balancer *Tyre Changer *Nitrogen Filling Station *Lift *Washing Lift *Paint Booth *Inverter Spot Welder *Welding Equipment *Mini Spotter *Plasma Cutter *AC Gas Charger *Air Compressor *Trolley Jack Every category has several models which has its own unique features and advantages. Follow our page for more information about our range of dealership.
GENIE 3D - Embrace Change - with Innovative Technology in Wheel Alignment # World’s 1st In-lift 3D Wheel Aligner with 2 cameras & smallest targets. # World’s smallest target plates for front wheels. # No fixed beam / column in front of the lift. # No obstruction of signals due to technician walking around. # Measurement at floor level. # Adjustment at any convenient height, No height restrictions. # Genie 3D can be installed in 11′ X 18′ space. # No need for minimum distance between Wall and the lift. # Free space in the shop floor can be effectively utilized. # Exclusive software take care of automatic lift level compensation. # Genie is a creatively designed module that houses Hi-definition cameras and electronics to capture images of the targets on wheels. # Each Genie has 1 camera, making Genie 3D the only aligner in the world using just 2 cameras for an in-lift model. # Camera not required to be removed & refitted every time. # User-friendly Wi-Fi enabled tablet device to display alignment results and to operate PC from the Alignment bay, avoids multiple trips to the PC console. # Cost effective design