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Karcher-Vaccum Cleaner-NT 30/1 me Classic Vaccum Cleaner-NT 30/1 me Classic-Force Auto Solutions(Authorised Dealer) Designed for moderate quantities of liquids, coarse dirt and dust: with a turbine power of 1, 500 Watts and a 30-litre container capacity, the NT 30/1 Me Classic wet and dry vacuum cleaner is ideal for vacuuming all types of dirt. The NT Classic machine also scores highly with its tried-and-tested filter technology, Easy Service Concept and low maintenance and operating costs. Compact, robust and mobile-Excellent stability, easy manoeuvrability and convenient transport thanks to its slimline form and 4 castors. The bumper offers secure all-round protection for the vacuum cleaner and equipment. Excellent suction power-NT Classic devices with a powerful 1, 500 W turbine reliably remove a wide range of dirt. For excellent cleaning results. Service and comfort -Sensationally fast: the Easy Service Concept allows removal of the turbine in just 44 seconds. The rapid turbine change not only saves an enormous amount of time, but also costs. APPLICATION AREAS For picking up liquids, coarse dirt and dust on all hard surfaces as well as for car interior cleaning. Product pdf: For More Details: Contact US, Force Auto Solutions Mr.Senthilkumar (MD) Ph. 9865197879 . E.Mail ID: .
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Treo FourWin-Automatic Bike Wash System-Force Auto Solutions Dealer Automatic Bike Wash System-Force Auto Solutions(Authorised Dealer) Treo 2W requires just 2 minute to completely wash the vehicle i.e Top Body + Underbody.Easy and safe to operate, system reliability is very high.Touch less and brushless system and hence its an error free and Maintenance free system.Suitable for washing all range of 2 Wheelers. Can wash more than 100 vehicles per day. Hence no burden if sudden load increases.Installation requires very minimum space. Video Link: For More Details: Contact US, Force Auto Solutions Mr.Senthilkumar (MD) Ph. 9865197879 . E.Mail ID: .
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Karcher-HDS 7/16 C- Hot and cold water washing equipments Hot and cold water washing equipments-HDS 7/16 C-High Presser Washer-Force Auto Solutions(Authorised Dealer) The powerful 3-phase hot water high-pressure cleaner HDS 7/16 C from the HDS compact class has a clever single-button operation as well as large wheels and a steering roller/castor, which make handling and transport very easy for the user. Superior equipment and the extremely efficient and environment-friendly operation thanks to eco!efficiency mode characterise this machine. The EASY!Force high-pressure gun utilises the recoil force of the high-pressure jet to reduce the retaining force to zero, while the EASY!Lock quick-release couplings enable handling that is five times faster than conventional screw connections, without compromising on robustness or longevity. Tanks for cleaning agent and fuel are protected in the hard-wearing chassis that also permits tougher applications. Accessories, nozzles and tools can be easily stowed in the practical storage compartments.allows more heavy-duty use. Accessories, nozzles and tools can be stored easily in the practical storage compartments. Efficiency ecoefficiency mode – efficient and environmentally friendly, even when used for prolonged periods. Reduces fuel consumption and CO2 emissions by 20%. Accurate cleaning agent dosing unit with clear rinse function. Ease of use Intuitive operation thanks to the large single-button selector switch. Large tank opening with filling chute. Convenient system care bottle can be changed from the outside. Storage Lockable accessory compartment for nozzles, tools, etc. Storage hooks for power cable and high-pressure hose. Integrated lance holder for transport. APPLICATION AREAS Vehicle cleaning Device and machine cleaning Workshop cleaning Cleaning of outside areas Service station cleaning Facade cleaning Swimming pool cleaning Cleaning of sports facilities Cleaning during production processes Cleaning of production facilities Product pdf: For More Details: Contact US, Force Auto Solutions Mr.Senthilkumar (MD) Ph. 9865197879 . E.Mail ID: .
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Manatec-Nitrogen Filling Station for HCVs -ME - NFS 1016 A/EN Nitrogen Filling Station-ME - NFS 1016 A/EN(for Cars and Heavy Trucks)-Force Auto Solutions Authorised Dealer Suitable for Cars & Light Trucks & Heavy Trucks.Raw material from compressed air.Heavy duty suit for heavy truck.Fast Nitrogen generation & inflation speed.Automatic Nitrogen generator.Automatic shut-off after Nitrogen generation.Two Sets of large capacity CMS filter.Two Stage pre-filters for water/oil separator.High precision water/oil separator suitable for heavy pressure.70 litres tank inside and 130 litres tank outside as standard.220 litres N tank external 2 (Optional Accessories). For More Details: Contact US, Force Auto Solutions Mr.Senthilkumar (MD) Ph. 9865197879 . E.Mail ID: .
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Manatec-Nitrogen Filling Station-ME-NFS-1016A/EN Nitrogen Filling Station-ME-NFS-1016A/EN-Force Auto Solutions(Authorised dealer) For More Details: Contact US, Force Auto Solutions Mr.Senthilkumar (MD) Ph. 9865197879 . E.Mail ID: .